VideoModelLocator - automate?

Feb 23, 2013 at 7:47 AM
I'm just learning this framework. There is a fair amount to remember when you create a new page... but I think that is ok because I can export a template (learning how to do that - might as well learn everything at once!). But one thing that I have to remember to do is modify OnInitialize in App.xaml.cs.

I figure you are currently doing this so you can pass in a few default arguments (like the nav service and the data repository)... but perhaps there is a better way so that is discoverable the same way that finding and creating the page is done (you just need to pass string)? i.e. by convention?

Of course, I've not truly appreciated the IDataRepository you have in the hello world app yet, so perhaps that can't be generalized...

Very nice work - keep it up!

Cheers, Gordon.