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Prism for the Windows Runtime Knowledge Base

Welcomed to the Prism for Windows Runtime Knowledge Base.
Here you will find links to articles and resources that could help you address some of the challenges, scenarios and blocking issues that you might face when developing an app using Prism.

Getting Started with Prism for the Windows Runtime

If you are just starting with Prism, you might be interested in the following:

Project and Item Templates

In the following link you can find templates for Visual Studio 2012 that can help you developing a Prism for Windows Store App: These templates were created by David Britch who was part of the Prism team. He created them on his own time. Also, you might find the following blog post describing the templates interesting:

Online Training Course

Brian Noyes created a training course call Building Windows Store Business Apps with Prism. The course includes 8 modules:
  • Module 1 – Prism Overview
  • Module 2 – Getting Started Building WinRT Apps with Prism
  • Module 3 – Commands and Dependencies
  • Module 4 – Navigation and Application Lifecycle
  • Module 5 – PubSubEvents and EventAggregator
  • Module 6 – Validation
  • Module 7 – Calling Web APIs
  • Module 8 – Leveraging WinRT Platform Features

Specific Topics / Functionalities

Here are some articles that can guide you about how to add or implement certain capabilities or functionalities in the application.

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JamieClayton Jun 27, 2013 at 2:27 PM 
Could you add some more information on the objectives for PrimsWRT and the differences from Prism "Classic". The video on Channel9 briefly mentions some of the structural differences like regions and DI enhancements and modules that have changed in PrismWRT.
It would be good to have an idea on how use these patterns when you want to use WPF project and have a smaller RT project sharing code. Will Prism 4.x be getting a refresh to include some of the evolution in thinking in this "prism" MVVM framework to make it easier on the corporate LOB developer trying to leverage WPF and RT applications? BTW - Love the separation of Pub/SubEvent, wish there was more of this so developers could swap in/out parts they like and don't like with other open source MVVM frameworks for WPF.

shaggygi97 May 29, 2013 at 3:13 PM 
Could you add a topic for themes? There is a basic theme selection in the RI example. I understand this topic is not directly for Prism, but would be good to understand how this works ( and best practices ) on how to wire up for all controls throughout an app.


blainew May 10, 2013 at 8:13 PM 
Let us know what other knowledge base articles are needed.