The Prism library and the associated AdventureWorks Shopper RI demonstrate how to create Windows Store business apps using C# and XAML for Windows 8.

Just release Prism for Windows Runtime.



This project provides guidance to developers who want to create a Windows Store business app using C#, Extensible Application Markup Language (XAML), the Windows Runtime, and modern development practices. The guidance comes with source code for the Microsoft.Practices.Prism.StoreApps library, source code for the Microsoft.Practices.Prism.PubSubEvents library, the AdventureWorks product catalog and shopping cart reference implementation, and documentation. The guidance helps you implement MVVM with navigation and app life cycle management, validation, managed application data, implement controls, pages, touch, search, tiles, tile notifications, localization and accessibility. It also provides guidance on testing your app and tuning its performance.


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