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The Prism library and AdventureWorks Shopper RI demonstrate how to create Windows Store apps using C# and XAML for Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1.

You can read more about the goals of the project from this blog entry. We are early in the project so we need your feedback. At this point we do not have any documentation and the functionality of the reference implementation is not complete.


Planned Scope

As background, we conducted a survey which influenced our thinking about the scope. The scope will be a mix of demonstrating how to implement Windows 8 features, traditional line of business requirements, and typical patterns and practices (no pun intended Smile). The items above the blue line are what we think will make the first release. The items below will probably not be included. Let us know your thoughts on the scope.

Windows Features

◦ Suspend, Terminate, and Resume
◦ Snap
◦ Live Tile
◦ Search
◦ Navigation
◦ Setting
◦ Camera, GPS, or other device sensors
◦ Share

Line of Business

◦ Local data management
◦ Usually connected
◦ Interact with services
◦ Validation
◦Deployment – side loading
◦Security – AuthN and AuthZ

patterns & practices

◦MVVM and unit testing
◦UI composition (through composition of ViewModels)
◦Delegate commands
◦Loose coupling pub/sup
◦Modular development and / team independence

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