Add InterationRequest pattern

Could you add pattern like InteractionRequest into Prism for Windows Runtime? As the are Behaviors SDK for Windows Runtime is available it would be handy to have it.

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hresult: 0x8001010e (rpc_e_wrong_thread) in Navigate

Hi all, I am working on an Windows 8 App which should act as share target. For that I implemented the following code apps.xaml.cs: protected override async void OnShareTargetActivated(ShareTa...

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8.1 New Prism project crash.

Hi! I'm creating a new 8.1 prism project from the template. But when debugging the project and clicking on the settings charm the application crashes. I have not coded anything jet every code is f...

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VS 2013 XAML Designer shows "Invalid Markup"

Hi, I've started a new project using the latest version of Prism for a windows store app (8.1). Everything was nice and running. After awhile, I had to close VS and start it again and I've seen ...

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Azure mobile services throws exception

Please see attachment for exception detail

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DelegateCommandBase: prevent re-entrancy into a currently executing command.

From this discussion. I was wondering why DelegateCommand doesn't maintain an _isExecuting flag and RaiseCanExecuteChanged. If the command is bound to a Button, I want to disable the button whi...

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Scrolling view to proportion does not work

I tried using your technique for scrolling the view of a grid to its previous state when returning to a page and it does not work. Here is what I did: I created a dummy project using the Grid Ap...

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Multiple subscription of events in EventAggregator

The EventAggregator is globally instantiated within the App.xaml.cs. If you navigate to a page a view/viewmodel is instantiated. If you navigate to an other page the old view/viewmodel is destroy...

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Missing CallerMemberNameAttribute

CallerMemberNameAttribute is missing from BindableBase.OnPropertyChanged().

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Fly-out dismiss notification

Currently, there is no way to find out if a fly-out has been closed (light dismiss). IFlyoutService.ShowFlyout could have another override: void ShowFlyout(string flyoutId, object parameter, Act...

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