Implement Hook After Frame Creation in MvvmAppBase

I need to be able to mess with the frame after it has been created. Currently, the only place to do this is in OnLaunchApplicationAsync but that doesn't get called if the app was suspended. What ...

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Feature suggestion: IsBusy as part of the ViewModel

In the AW Reference Application several Views can show the ProgressRing when the View is waiting for processes. In the corresponding ViewModels the "IsBusy" property is used. My suggestion is to ...

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navigation history

When I arrive at page in onNavigatedTo I call NavigationService.ClearHistory(); Then in some event on that page I navigate to another page. When I arrive at the other page, I can't go back to...

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Is the View shown before bound ViewModel loads it's data?

During startup of an MVVM Prism WinStore 8.1 App project I load the ViewModel data like in the HubApp Template. So I have a JSON file containing the information that should be shown on the tiles of...

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Found out why JSON 6.0.4 won't work in Prism environment

In a project WITHOUT the Prism library I had this code working to get a collection of "Persoon" objects: Dim ObjectCollectie As New ObservableCollection(Of Persoon)() If MijnAPIResponse.Is...

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Example out of date? Obsolete? Missing references?

On page 35/36 of the documentation the example for how to change the naming convention for locating views contains this statement: var assemblyQualifiedAppType = this.GetType().GetTypeInfo() .Ass...

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Need Support for CoreApplicationView in prism

Support for CoreApplicationView to create New View and Display it Side by Side. Microsoft Supports it but unfortunately we are facing issues to implement it using prism.

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"Your views must implement IView"

I'm using the latest beta converged version. If I create a new page and change its base class to VisualStateAwarePage (in XAML and .cs) and add prismMvvm:ViewModelLocator.AutoWireViewModel="True"...

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Unhandled exception in InvokeAction - Prism.PubSubEvents

I got very strange error after leaving one method - which is called by EventAgregator [System.ArgumentException] = {"Value does not fall within the expected range."} Message = "The parameter is ...

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Optional save and restore history navigation

Hi, I think saving and restoring navigation history should be optional. This is very useful in LOB applications that are used by more than one user and when application is resumed after terminat...

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