Unhandled exception in InvokeAction - Prism.PubSubEvents

I got very strange error after leaving one method - which is called by EventAgregator [System.ArgumentException] = {"Value does not fall within the expected range."} Message = "The parameter is ...

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Optional save and restore history navigation

Hi, I think saving and restoring navigation history should be optional. This is very useful in LOB applications that are used by more than one user and when application is resumed after terminat...

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Error logging

I think all apps need to log errors, especially LOB apps. It would be great to add support for error logging, for example by logging to a local file or by asking the user to send an error report.

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Remove register types for serialization

Hi, I was having a SessionStateException after my application was suspended and I struggled finding the reason. I had to debug my application with Prism sources and then I found that I was missi...

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Remove page from navigation history

Hi, Windows 8.1 has introduced BackStack property to Frame control that allows to remove a page from navigation history. I think this feature is very useful and it would be great if you imple...

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Incremental loading collection items disappear after restoring app

Hello, in my application I have a page with a GridView populated through an incremental loading collection. I switch from my app to another one, the app is suspended and then I go back to the ap...

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Add InterationRequest pattern

Could you add pattern like InteractionRequest into Prism for Windows Runtime? As the are Behaviors SDK for Windows Runtime is available it would be handy to have it.

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hresult: 0x8001010e (rpc_e_wrong_thread) in Navigate

Hi all, I am working on an Windows 8 App which should act as share target. For that I implemented the following code apps.xaml.cs: protected override async void OnShareTargetActivated(ShareTa...

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8.1 New Prism project crash.

Hi! I'm creating a new 8.1 prism project from the template. But when debugging the project and clicking on the settings charm the application crashes. I have not coded anything jet every code is f...

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VS 2013 XAML Designer shows "Invalid Markup"

Hi, I've started a new project using the latest version of Prism for a windows store app (8.1). Everything was nice and running. After awhile, I had to close VS and start it again and I've seen ...

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