Prism Store Apps Frames

Sep 26, 2013 at 1:48 PM

I'm developing my first Projekt with Prism for Store Apps. All works fine, but i need to load Pages into a nested Frame of a Page.

Is there an "Prism" way to do that? I can't find anything information about it. Maybe as Regions in Wpf/Silverlight Prism Applications?

Thanks for Help :-)

Sep 26, 2013 at 8:31 PM
Hi Peter,

As far as I know, Prism for Windows Runtime does not provide any functionality similar to the Regions used in Prism for WPF. However, based on my understanding, Prism for Windows Runtime seems to be prepared to provide navigation support for multiple Frames. As a starting point you can check the code of the InitializeFrameAsyc method of the MvvmAppBase class to see how the main Frame is prepared for navigation and apply something similar to the scoped Frame. This operation is basically composed of the following steps:

  • Create a frame facade for the Frame
  • Register the Frame in the SessionStateService (if needed)
  • Create a NavigationService for the Frame
The problem then would be to give this NavigationService to the corresponding view model. If only the view model of the page containing the scoped Frame will access it, then you could prepare the Frame in the page (or using another component) and pass the created NavigationService to the view model. After that I believe you should be able to navigate in the scoped Frame using said service.


Damian Cherubini