Prism for WPF and Prism For Universal App will converge in next future to a single pattern?

Sep 4, 2014 at 3:08 PM

In the next months I will start a new huge project that would be run on more Platforms, all that can be possible (WPF for Desktop will be the main App, but some features will be run on WinRT, WP 8.1, Android and maybe IoS).
I would optimize the code that I will write and in these weeks I built some test projects to check and found, if possibile, the right way. I will choice Prism for his modularity and loosely coupled architecture, but when I tried to build a common ViewModel structure for all possible Platforma, now limited only to the Microsoft tecnologies, I have crashed my head and my future hopes. The two recent versions of Prism.Mvvm are incompatible between them. Prism 5 Mvvm base class is BindableClass, Prism for Universal App base class, instead is ViewModel, derived from BindableClass that also implements INavigationAware interface. Very well, I thought, before to discover that the two definitions of INavigationAware interface are different between them !!!. Why?? if there are these different approach on foundation base elements, I don't know what to think about what happen on further classes or interfaces of these patterns. I was very disappointed when I have found this. There are some chances that these two patterns can converge into a single pattern in a recent future?
Regards, Rolando