A phone application using VB (without a shared project)

Sep 22, 2014 at 3:09 PM
We have an enterprise application we have built with Prism on the store 8.1 version. We are now looking at a Windows Phone version of the application, where almost all aspects will be shared.

However the reference application for the converged version of prism is done using the new 'shared project' feature of Visual Studio. Our application is written primarily using VB which isn't able to create a 'shared project' at this time.

What is the recommend way of using the converged version without 'shared projects' on a phone I have already hit some key issues for example MvvmAppBase isn't available on a pure phone project, AutoWireViewModel=True also doesn't seem to play nice and doesn't work out of the box.

Ideally I want to avoid moving to a c# shared project due to the long term aspect, and maintainability of the project (we have 22 other projects in the same solution which are all VB).

I am hoping I am missing something really obvious.